A Change | Revamping my Book Reviews

I never thought I’d say this… I’m changing the way I review books.

I am now halfway done with my Master of Library and Information Science and I have a course where I practiced writing librarian reviews in said course. Because of this course, I am revamping the way I write reviews on my blog because I want to get as much practice as I can.

So, the change in question is going to be focused on this blog. Here, you will find my librarian reviews – to get spoiler-y and more in-depth reviews, you’re going to have to head to my YouTube and Goodreads.

Another change?

My librarian reviews are not going to have ratings. Again, to get my rating, you’ll have to check YouTube or Goodreads.

The intent of revamping my blog reviews is to practice. I don’t intend to become a librarian upon completion of my education because I have other career goals in place at this moment in time. But, I still want to keep practicing in case that ever changes… I’m only 29 after all.

Overall, the biggest change is the taking away of ratings on here. I really think that including a short review on here is going to help me achieve my goal of reviewing every book I read. I also really like the idea of having non-biased reviews listed here. (Don’t worry, I’ll leave links to where you can find those in-depth reviews on each post!)

I’m really excited to start sharing these reviews with you all – but I’m not starting until 2020.

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