2020 Goals!

Happy New Year!! It’s time to outline my goals for the year. Per usual, my goals are outlined in categories.

Goal 1: Reading Goals

In 2019, I surpassed my reading goal of 70 books by reading 88 books. This year, on top of finishing grad school, I plan to read 85 books.

Goal 1b: Journaling

I’m lumping this into my reading goals because I fully intend for my journaling to center around books. I’m planning on joining (and maybe even starting!) a Facebook reading group so I can journal about prompts posted here.

That seems like a lot, but I want to start thinking outside of the box in terms of my reviews.

Goal 2: Social Media Goals

Yeah, I know. This is a yikes. Last year was a trying year for me. I let my anxiety run my life and didn’t post to my social media accounts consistently – even though it’s something I enjoy doing.

Included in this goal are:

  • Setting and following a consistent YouTube schedule
  • Posting 1 time a day on Instagram
  • Posting 1 blog post per week NOT including book reviews
  • Branch out of the book niche a little bit and incorporate lifestyle posts on the blog.

Goal 3: Personal Goals

I try to set personal goals each year to help better me as a person. This year my goals are pretty similar to last years.

  • Exercise at least 2 times a week (while enrolled in school)
  • Eat healthier by cooking more meals at home
  • Shop ethically (new & used!)

What are some of your goals for the new decade? Do you like to start the new year fresh, or are you the type of person who sees every day as a chance to grow?