An Update on Life | The Road to Librarianship

I started this book blog in January as a way for me to write more. As an English Degree Holder (™) and someone who is passionate about reading and writing, it made sense to me to start something where I could explore two of my passions. There were things I did not expect or plan that came up relatively quickly in 2019.

I did not think I’d apply for graduate school this year. But I did.

I also did not think I would get into graduate school the first time I applied. But I did.

I’m posting this life update style post because it seems like the perfect opportunity to lay out some new goals for this blog now that I’m going to grad school.

Here’s the thing… I’ve gotten so used to reading a crapload of books and posting my (now) standard three reviews a week, I feel almost guilty that I won’t have the capability to post as many reviews now.

I shouldn’t feel that way. But I do. Hi, I have an anxiety disorder. Can you tell?

I sat down and started thinking about how I could change my goals to make sure I’m still sharing my bookish thoughts. Here’s what I came up with:

Goal 1

To write a post a month about how my graduate degree is going. This is why I’m titling this post “The Road to Librarianship” – it’s going to become a series on this blog for the next 18 months. I might share with you how my observations and job shadowings are going. Or I might just talk about balancing life, work, and school.

Goal 2

To write one review a week. It is my hope that I’ll be able to start and finish at least one book per week and then review said book for the following week. To ensure this can happen, I’ll be setting aside time to read each day. Basically, scheduling is going to be my best friend.

Goal 3

Instead of writing a third post, I’m considering starting a YouTube channel. I know it seems counterintuitive to start a YouTube channel right as I start graduate school, but I’ve wanted to for a long time and my editing is really quite simple, so this might be a better option to discuss other bookish things while I’m working through my program.

Other Thoughts

I realize now I didn’t say where I’m going to school or what I’ll be majoring in. Oops.

I was accepted to Syracuse University. I’m going to be studying Library and Information Science. The school is entirely online with one immersion session requirement before completion of the program.

Being from the East Coast, it’s a REALLY big deal to me that I got in to Syracuse. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to attend this school for undergrad because I was not a resident of New York, but fortunately, since I am a veteran student I don’t have to worry about this sort of thing anymore.

Obviously, the whole idea of the series derives from the fact that I’m obtaining the MLIS.

Leave me a comment letting me know if there’s anything in particular you’d be interested in learning about in this series. While I cannot fully divulge information (program requirements), I’m sure I can find a way to share certain aspects of obtaining this degree with you!

8 thoughts on “An Update on Life | The Road to Librarianship

  1. Congrats on getting accepted to Syracuse!! I wish you the best of luck with your pursuit to obtain your MLIS! (You’re going to be a librarian?! I’m so jealous. That’s the best job in the world!)

    Also, you usually post 3 reviews a week? I can’t even do one most of the time! 😂 So please don’t feel guilty that you’re not able to post 3 reviews every week anymore! Even one review a week is amazing!

    P.S. If you do decide to start a YouTube channel, good luck! I hope you have fun with it. 💖💖💖

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    1. Thank you so much, Serena! I’m hopeful that I can find a job once I complete the program. It’s just the beginning so I still don’t know what kind of librarian I want to be.

      I know three reviews is NUTS but I read so quickly and I post the reviews as quickly so I don’t lose my thoughts. 😂😂

      So part of the rationale behind the YouTube channel is getting more comfortable on camera. Part of my participation grade at Syracuse is weekly live session where I have to go on webcam and share thoughts on class. I figured speaking to a camera would help a little. Thank you!!! 😁😁😁

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      1. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a job when you finish the program! And I’m also positive you’ll figure it out! (I hope you love whatever position you choose.)

        And that…makes sense. Three reviews STILL sounds nuts, but it makes sense now. 😂 And I hope starting that YouTube channel gets your more comfortable with talking on camera!

        Happy reading Bee!❤️

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    1. Oh trust me, I’m feeling the school anxiety already. I’m ready to start so I can stop dwelling and ease my anxiety a little! Can’t wait to talk more about the process in obtaining this degree. 😊

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  2. I just started following your blog, and I hope to continue reading it as regularly as you post. I can completely relate to your situation – I myself started my postgraduate studies 2 months ago in a completely different country. It has been quite overwhelming, getting back into the zone of studies and assignments has really taken a toll on me. I completed my undergraduate in January 2014, so that’s why it has been difficult. I have given up on so many things – writing, painting, doing calligraphy – for the time being. But I would love to get back into it. I also just discovered my baby of a blog and the last time I posted on it was mid 2014.

    Anyway, enough of me. Let’s focus on you. First of all, congratulations! And secondly, I wish you all the best in keeping up with your goals along with your studies. It’s going to be tough, but it’s all going to be worth it! 🙂

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    1. My classes just started today and I already feel myself getting sucked in to the world of assignments and never ending readings. I read four textbook chapters today on top of a full day of work! It’s definitely rough, but the ending is so worth it! I finished undergrad in August 2018, so I dont have quite the gap you do – I can only imagine how difficult it’s been getting back into the swing of things! I wish you well in your studies and hope to see some of your posts too!

      Thank you so much for following! I hope you find something worthwhile in my writing! Heres to hoping I didnt set to lofty of goals!! 😁😁


      1. Thank you! 🙂 And kudos to you for juggling with full time work and studies. I have a friend who does the same, and I can only be proud of someone who has the willpower to study and work at the same time.
        Best wishes to you, Bee! 🙂

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